Ambassador Hotel Neath

Ambassador Hotel Neath originally had a website, but it wasn’t optimised and needed to be updated. The hosting, website administration and content were very restrictive. This affected the Hotel’s online presence and reduced the benefits of the limited online advertising that was being undertaken.

SEO Client Objectives

The client required a completely new website with increased functionality and a more modern design. Working with the client’s representatives our Web Development team developed the website’s functionality and also determined where new content needed to be generated. The website’s advertising capability and social integration were key considerations.

Web Development and SEO Strategy

Using an open source CMS our plan, for this client, was initially to build and then to appropriately populate a completely new website. We installed a new joomla website and appropriate plugins to accommodate the client’s objectives and budget. Whilst working with our web development team to we structured the website and the backend functionality to enable the client to easily and consistently update the site. This included some training to ensure that the client were confident to undertake the updates.

SEO Client Success

A fully functional Website was provided for the Ambassador Hotel, following the selection of a suitable site template. The Content Management System enabled all parties to contribute effectively to the creation of new content and pages into a managed website structure, which included social integration and interaction. The new website build, allowed ensured that all the desired functionality was provided, with full SEO control, to ensure website enhancement and expansion could be undertaken without losing momentum in their search engine placement.

We are currently on our Second generation of website development and most recently have crossed CMS platforms and are now using the WordPress CMS. The website is now fully rebuilt and has improved its search engine performance. We have had great feedback regarding our Swansea SEO Services.