Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea

Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea had a website when I was first contacted by Chris. Following a website appraisal and some competition analysis, I identified a number of key strategies to improve the online presence, advertising and ultimately website performance.

SEO Client Objectives

The client wanted a completely new website and it needed to be developed with an SEO strategy, while also aligning itself to the engagement and processing of new and repeat customers. Our Web Development team and the client, collaborated to further develop the website strategies and generate a suitable action plan and the appropriate content. The website’s usability and scalability had to be at the forefront of our consideration, and the client was qquite specific about mobile device compatibility.

Web Development and SEO Strategy

Our plan for this client was to build a completely new website, with an open source CMS, and we decided that Joomla would be the most appropriate CMS for the funcitonality the client wanted to have on the back end. We undertook a full ‘keywords analysis’, ‘competition appraisal’ and utilised the best SEO tools to identify, develop and deploy an optimised Strategy to suit the client’s objective and budget. To achieve this, we worked with the client and their Media and Marketing team to identify the projects keywords and search engine optimization goals, whilst working with our web development departments team to structure the backend needed.

SEO Client Success

Following the provision of a series of site templates, for appraisal and selection, Swansea SEO Services was able to provide Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea with a fully functional and mobile compatible website. The new website build, allowed a ‘bottom up’ approach to be employed, ensuring that all functionality provided full SEO compatibility to allow for the enhancement and expansion of the site without losing momentum in their search engine placement.

We are currently on our third generation of website development and most recently have crossed CMS platforms and are now using the WordPress CMS. The website is currently performing beyond initial expectations and I look forward to working with the Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea team in the future.