Search Engine Optimisation Articles

Welcome to our Search Engine Optimisation Articles, which feature our Swansea Clients and the work we have completed on behalf of their businesses.

The articles contain case studies of our client service packages, general SEO and Website Optimisation information. They aslo contain Digital and Social Media Marketing guides that support our extended Digital Marketing Services.

We hope that the provision of this information helps to develop your undertstanding of the the general practices of Website optimisation and how it can benefit your business.

If you require further information or would prefer a more specific report talilored to your specific needs, then please get in touch.


Search Engine Optimisation – Swansea Clients

Keyword Research & How to leverage it for SEO

Today I’d like to discuss what is keyword research and how to make this an important part of your SEO strategy. With all the talk about algorithm changes, one practice has remained and continues to be an essential part the arsenal that any decent SEO specialist should have – keyword research. And Keywords are still […]

How to Choose a Good Web Host Provider

What to look for when choosing a web host? This is no easy task and it is often difficult to distiguish between what is desired and what is actually needed. There are a number of parameters detailed below, which I hope will provide an insight for you to be able to make a decision, with […]

Online Marketing Compared to Offline Marketing

The decay of Offline Advertising Techniques Offline advertising techniques have already had their heyday and the online marketing revolution is taken strong. Do not get me wrong, it still fits, in a more generic method. Marketing offline is generally a spray-gun method as concerns the people it reaches. Direct mailings, per se. Leaflets are sent […]