Search Engine Optimisation Articles

Welcome to our Search Engine Optimisation Articles, which feature our Swansea Clients and the work we have completed on behalf of their businesses.

The articles contain case studies of our client service packages, general SEO and Website Optimisation information. They aslo contain Digital and Social Media Marketing guides that support our extended Digital Marketing Services.

We hope that the provision of this information helps to develop your undertstanding of the the general practices of Website optimisation and how it can benefit your business.

If you require further information or would prefer a more specific report talilored to your specific needs, then please get in touch.


Search Engine Optimisation – Swansea Clients

Afan Valley Angling Club

Afan Valley Angling Club didn’t originally have a website, when I first joined the club as a member. With a distinct lack of online presence and advertising, the club was in desperate need of a website to represent the club and its members and to ensure that up to date marketing techniques were being applied […]

Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea

Pro Carpet Cleaning Swansea had a website when I was first contacted by Chris. Following a website appraisal and some competition analysis, I identified a number of key strategies to improve the online presence, advertising and ultimately website performance. SEO Client Objectives The client wanted a completely new website and it needed to be developed […]

Ambassador Hotel Neath

Ambassador Hotel Neath originally had a website, but it wasn’t optimised and needed to be updated. The hosting, website administration and content were very restrictive. This affected the Hotel’s online presence and reduced the benefits of the limited online advertising that was being undertaken.

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Search Engine Optimisation Articles

How to Choose a Good Web Host Provider

What to look for when choosing a web host? This is no easy task and it is often difficult to distiguish between what is desired and what is actually needed. There are a number of parameters detailed below, which I hope will provide an insight for you to be able to make a decision, with […]

Robust Search Engine Optimization Strategy

There are a large variety of different optimisation strategies that are employed throughout the online marketing industry. Having a robust search engine optimization strategy is essential. Some strategies have just come and gone since the start of the search engine boom, which confirms how dynamic the SEO industry is. SEO Specialists SEO Specialists continually have […]

Online Marketing for Swansea Businesses

Your company website is the first and most important impression that potential clients get of your business when being found online. If you do not use an online marketing services to manage your website and online presence correctly, you could be losing potential business without ever knowing it. A poorly managed Company website, that doesn’t […]

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